We did it!!

Your support secured a 150k national historic preservation grant for the Odd Fellows building!  Thank-you so much, we love you!!!


15 March 2020

 With reopening on the blue horizon, we wanted to let you know the AAMC is looking to resume some classes starting June 15th.  We are choosing to wait until Phase 2 in order to proceed cautiously and observe what happens during Phase 1 which started today. It is important to note that I am leaving it entirely up to instructors to choose when they would like to resume classes- some wish to start right away, others may wait, and other classes that normally take the Summer off will begin in the Fall. Please also note that June 15th is a tentative date depending on how Phase 1 goes- I’ll be sure to keep you updated on official start dates for each class on this page, our Facebook page, as well as the signage on our front door. We want you to know that we care about your health and will be following all State requirements for our specific sector which can be found here: https://bit.ly/GymGuidelines 

We are incredibly proud of our community for continuing to take good care of one another and we appreciate all of your efforts, donations, kind words and support.  In health, solidarity, celebration and dance,

Jessamyn, AAMC Executive Director

ITS Belly Dance with Julie

Class start date coming soon 

Thursdays from 5:30- 6:30 p.m.

Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) belly dance is a combination-based form of fusion belly dance. It relies on shared vocabulary of movements with cues for communication. The group of dancers take turns leading with the cues to create unrehearsed impromptu dances to any music.

$10 suggested donation- no registration required.  Wear comfortable clothes

​Questions? Contact Julie at 406-598-2378 or  juliehrubes@hotmail.com   

Dream Circle Ecstatic Dance with Kimberly


Class start date coming soon  

Classes are offered the third Friday of each month from 7:00 to 8:15pm

Dreams and dancing are for everyone, available to us all no matter who we are! YOU have the wisdom of the dream-maker & dancer inside of you for all of your life!  What wants to move through you?

I hold space for, and facilitate, rather than instruct. I create a playlist in wave-pattern, beginning slow, reaching chaotic and then softly landing, patterned after Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms.   

Roth describes the effects of ecstatic dance as a feeling of connectedness with others and with the dancer's own emotions. Ecstatic dance can serve as a meditation, a way of coping with stress, restoring serenity and serving as a spiritual practice.  Specific emotions associated with the five different rhythms of ecstatic dance include: flowing rhythm connecting the dancer with their own fear, the staccato rhythm with anger, chaos with sadness, lyrical with joy, and stillness with compassion.

Classes are open to all ages, genders, and levels of experience.  Come alone or with a friend, wear comfortable clothes and bring an exploratory openness to creative movement.  

No registration, drop-in with a $10 suggested donation. 


Questions? Contact Kim at  kimbojets@hotmail.com, or 503-791- 6087   www.kimberlylane.xyz 

Tap with Marco resumes in September

Mondays 7:00-8:00pm

The first half of class will be a beginning class (for all levels) designed to introduce those that have not tapped and to strengthen technique with those with tap knowledge.  The second half is for intermediate students and those that want to push themselves in the beginning level.  We will focus on larger tap combinations and choreography while improving technique.  Tap is one of my favorite styles of dance to teach and I look forward to the fun we will have through this class!  

$5 for 1/2 of class, $10 for the whole hour. 

Questions?  Contact Marco at 541-654-2412 or marcogerarddavis@gmail.com


New West Coast Swing, Cha-Cha & Rumba Series with Rich


Class start date coming soon  

Every Tuesday:

6:00 - 7:00pm     Beginner West Coast Swing (Level 1)

In this class you will learn the 10 Basic patterns that establish the foundation for the dance. Each week we will review the prior week’s patterns and add new patterns so you can progressively learn the basics.  $60 prepaid fee (register & pay first night of class) 

​7:00 - 8:00pm     Intermediate West Coast Swing (Level 2)

This class is designed for Intermediate dancers who have completed and are able to dance the 10 basic patterns taught in Level 1. During this 6 week series you will learn variations on the Level 1 Patterns that will take your dance to a new level. During this series we will also focus on technique and styling. $60 prepaid fee (register & pay first night of class).  Level 2 dancers are encouraged to participate in Level 1 for practice and enhancement of basic dance skills. and technique.  

8:00 - 9:00pm     Cha-Cha & Rumba

Learn the basics of Cha-Cha February 18th- March 3rd followed by the basics of Rumba March 10th - 24th

All genders and ages are welcome. Be sure to wear Dance Shoes or Shoes with Leather Soles and comfortable clothing. Partners are not required, but recommended if possible. There will be rotation in class to enhance your learning and ensure everyone will dance. 

FMI info contact Rich at 503-739-5995 or  richiesmall@msn.com

Dance Church with Shanna Sunday-Class start date coming soon


 ​"From the earliest moments of known human history, dance accompanied ancient rituals, spiritual gatherings and social events. As a conduit of trance, spiritual force, pleasure, expression, performance and interaction, dance became infused into our nature from the earliest moments of our existence - from the moment when first African tribes covered themselves in war-paint to the to the spreading of music and dance across all four corners of the world. Without a doubt, dancing remains one of the most expressive forms of communications that we know."*
Dancing to relieve stress is a healthy alternative to drinking, smoking or comfort eating. Some people call it "high powered meditation" or trance. Whatever you call it, it's a great way to free the tension in your body, mind, & spirit while surrounded by loving, supportive community. Using movement for healing broadens our windows of tolerance, presence, patience, and emotional intelligence.
Join us for this once monthly (if it goes well, there could be more!) Sunday morning sweat. We will begin with a light vinyasa yoga warm-up (optional) and flow naturally into free-form movement & dance. This is a space of non-judgement to assist you in letting go of shame, fear, and judgement about yourself and others. Dance skills not required! Just let the music move your body in any way it wants to move. Allow yourself release from the structures and stories that bind. Bend your own rules and unstick your old patterns. Get out of the box the world puts you in. Cultivate bliss and renewal while shaking your booty in community with fellow conscious dancers!

What's ok:
- Movement of any kind (you wanna jump up and down and wave your arms like a lunatic? - this is your place.)
- Emotions (cry, laugh, frown - it's all ok here.)
- Consent (Do Not touch another human w/ out it or you will be thrown out. No exceptions.)
- Acceptance, understanding, kindness, & sweating.
- Resting when your body needs it.
- Staying hydrated.

What's not ok:
- Invading others space or touching w/out consent.
- Alcohol or drugs of any kind.
- Judgement.
- Talking on the dance floor (Wanna talk? Go outside please.)
- Shoes (No shoes that can be or are worn on the street can be worn on the dance floor.)
- Phones
- Photos
- Heavy perfumes 

Last Sunday of the month, $10 at the door. (2nd Sunday of the month class added starting in April)  Recommended to wear loose fitting, free-flowing, light clothing you can sweat in.  Typically these events are not geared toward kids. That said, they are welcome if they are mature enough to dance unattended and follow the rules above.  Here's a great article about general etiquette that may be helpful if you've never attended an event like this:
* taken from: http://www.dancefacts.net/dance-history/history-of-dance/

https://www.facebook.com/events/782428382214688/  Questions? Contact Shanna at justbevibration@gmail.com  Hope to see you on the floor!! 

Yoga with Kelli



Tuesdays 4:30-5:30pm Yin Yoga 

My Tuesday class is slow and deep stretching, or Yin yoga, where postures are held for extended periods of time.

All classes start with pranayama (breath work), ending with meditation and lavender oil anointment (optional). Modifications are part of every class—it’s important to me that they feel accessible. Friday students should have some experience with yoga, Sundays and Tuesdays all levels are welcome—this includes kids who are themselves interested in yoga and accompanied by a similarly inclined adult. Please bring a mat if you have one, no other props required. $10 suggested donation per class.  

Questions? Contact Kelli at kfdaffron@gmail.com or 757-348-5314

Modern Mondays with Julia


Class start date coming soon  

Mondays 5:30-6:15pm
Beginning Modern Dance Fundamentals
Beginning Modern Fundamentals is designed to give someone with no dance experience a peek into the liberating experience of modern dance.  The class gives you the chance to experiment with how the body interacts with gravity, the space around you, your breathe, the ground and other dancers.  This class will focus on building body awareness, modern dance vocabulary, safe technique, musicality and organic movement. Organic movement is movement that feels natural and free flowing as opposed to forced, rigid or constraining.  It is the use of organic movement that allows modern dance to be accessible and resonate with beginners as it builds upon our already innate movement capabilities, like walking, hopping, running, jumping, galloping, rolling, stretching, and pushing. 

Mondays 6:15-7:00pm 
​Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Modern

  • Combines energetic flow, athleticism, and artistry
  • Technique from Limon, Cunningham and Humphrey-Weiden
  • Emphasis on whole body, organic and weighted movement
  • Attention to musical phrasing and dynamics
  • Traditional format of floor, center, across and combination practice​​

$8 per class (or $12 for both) no reg required

Questions?  Contact Julia at 503-502-3118 or julia.gingerich@gmail.com 

Gentle Yoga with Terrie

Class start date coming soon  

Wednesdays from 10am to 11:15am
Gentle Yoga classes are designed to maintain and build essential mobility, balance and foundational strength while honoring a variety of bodies.  Gentle Yoga is slower paced and focuses on safe alignment, using props if needed to adapt the pose to your unique self.  The practice is ideal for seniors, yogis returning to practice after an injury or illness, new yogis with fitness concerns or anyone interested in a softer touch in their yoga practice.   The class is not aerobic and while you might breathe hard, you most likely will not work up a sweat.  It is required for this class that you are able to get up and down from the floor.  Please call, text or email me with questions or specific concerns.  If you have an ongoing health issue please consult your doctor before attending.  

Questions? Contact Terrie at  trrbaypowers@gmail.com  or 


Hip Hop Dance Fitness with Erin


Classes resume June 20th!

Saturdays 9:00-10:00am
An hour of Hip-Hop and Latin style dance fitness with stretching and deep toning.  

$10 drop-in or $60 for a 10 punch card, no expiration.

Questions?  Contact Erin at eringracefree@gmail.com or 503-741-1661

1st Contra Dance Friday (start date coming soon)

Come Contra Dance with us!!! 

The 1st Friday of the Month Contra Dances feature live music by a cadre of local musicians playing with Dave Ambrose as dance caller.  The dance will start at 7PM with a beginner's lesson and run until 10PM.  All ages are welcome. Bringing along a dance partner is not necessary as contra dancers are encouraged to dance with as many new partners as they are comfortable with. Entrance fee is a sliding scale $5-$10.  And of course, you can give more to support the musicians, caller, & the beautiful dance hall. Come join the fun! 

Questions? Contact Dave at 503-741-8412 or  dpwamb@charter.net 



Join the Columbia Country Dance Community Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1271461922875329


Belly Dance with Jessamyn Grace resumes June 17th!


6pm to 7:15pm, Belly Dance Basics:  This is where you'll want to start-  we'll focus on technique, accents, drills, layering, safe posture, rhythms, core strengthening,, and movements such as turns, traveling steps, shimmies, undulations, taxims, omis and more.  This class will also include basic work with veils, Zills and sword technique.  $10 drop-in fee (5 class punch cards for $40 also offered)

7:15pm to 8pm, Belly Dance Choreography:   This is where you get to put all of those moves together- we'll learn a new routine on a quarterly basis.  Dedicated attendance and Belly Dance Basics required, opportunities to perform will present themselves but performing is, optional.   Class fee is a donation.

All genders, ages and levels are welcome in both classes.  Coin belts, Zills, music and veils provided.  No registration required- just come in comfortable clothing and with an open heart!   Questions?  Contact Jessamyn at info@astoriaartsandmovement.com   or  503-791-5657  www.jessamyngrace.com  

Contact Improv with Zachar


Contact Improv warm-ups are held before Dance Church the last Sunday of each month from 10:00 to 10:30am.    
Contact Improvisation is a partner dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, and most quintessentially - following a shared point of contact. This dance practice explores the skills of falling, rolling, counterbalance, lifting using minimal effort, how to make ourselves light when being lifted, centering and breathing techniques, and responsiveness to our partners and surroundings.  All levels welcome! Wear soft comfortable clothing and bringing water is recommended. $5 to $10 sliding scale. 

Questions?  Contact Zachar at (775) 790-5245 or  Zgivesgoodhugs@gmail.com