Nate Boozer: Hip Hop, Work Dance Company


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Ashlee Della Franca: Pole, Twerk, Sensual Dance Fundamentals


Originally from Oregon, Ashlee grew up exploring creative expression through musical and sartorial mediums. She moved to England for university, where she graduated with honors from University of the Arts London and established her career in corporate fashion business management.  After five years abroad, she relocated to Seattle and discovered pole in 2014.

Ashlee has been training pole dance and aerial flexibility for five years and has been teaching and performing for nearly four. She most recently placed silver in Exotic L3, Senior, at the 2017 US National Pole Dance Championships, and performed with QueerPole at PoleCon 2018.

Ashlee is an advocate for self-love, using dance and aerial training as therapeutic and empowering mediums.


Erika Hawkins: Coast Fusion Belly Dance


Erika began taking Belly Dance classes in 2001 right here on the coast. With roots in Egyptian Cabaret and Yoga, she began teaching in 2005. With her love of traditional movement and rhythms, she has always been drawn to blending different music. Erika began practicing American Tribal Style Belly Dance and ultimately fell in love with Tribal Fusion. She started CoastFusion in 2009 and has taught off and on since.

She focuses on sharp and smooth isolation work with hints of Hip Hop and Contemporary in the mix. Erika is also a local painter and former photographer.

Classes are open to all ages/genders/levels of experience. Coin belts and veils are provided or you can bring your own. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a smile.

Contact: 503-440-0205

Anjali Hursh: Bollywood, Bhangra, Giddah


With a name like Gitanjali (song offering) you’d think she was born to play records. Made in India & born in Oregon, Anjali was raised by Marathi banjaras & Cascadian loggers. She started DJing after watching too many boys run the soundtrack at house parties. After studying Kathak & Bharata Natyam for many years, Anjali eventually became a cheerleader of the Panjabi folk forms bhangra & giddha. Through her love of dance and her compulsive record buying/ music obsession Anjali saw herself as the dancer’s dj.

Since her Portland debut in 2000, DJ Anjali has existed as the city’s primary advocate and dance missionary for the many varied electronic sounds of the South Asian/desi diaspora. She introduced “bhangra” & “Bollywood” to the dance floors of Portland and is also known for throwing down dancehall, hiphop, reggaeton & global bass in her sets. Well-known as a dance floor instigator, she & her partner, The Incredible Kid, hold down several Portland party originals: ANDAZ (est. 2002) & Tropitaal (est. 2013) as well as 2 weekly radio shows: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Kush (Tues 10pm -midnight) & CHOR BAZAAR (Thurs 7-8pm PST.)

Anjali has been teaching Bhangra & Bollywood at The Viscount Dance Studio since early 2013. Her first dance teacher was her Indian Mum who trained in Kathak (North India Classical dance) as a student of the famed Gopi Krishna. Anjali herself studied Kathak with S. N. Charka & Santosh Vyas. She also spent years as a student of Jayanthi Raman, learning & performing Bharata Natyam (South Indian Classical dance.)


Leigh Anne Shaw: American Tribal Style Belly Dance


ATS requires that you put the copyright symbol on it, so it's kind of annoying: A lifelong performer with a degree in drama, Leigh Anne Shaw discovered American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance in 2004, studying at the famous FatChanceBellyDance® studio and earning her General Skills and teaching certification; she is an official FCBD Sister Studio® teaching in Pacifica, CA. Enamored of the many dances that inspired ATS®, Leigh Anne is also a principal dancer with Qabila Folkdance Company, performing Middle Eastern folkloric choreography by Aubre Hill. Leigh Anne’s dance inspiration and study includes: Middle Eastern dance by Nanna Candelaria, Malia deFelice, and Asia Arabesque; fusion by Kami Liddle, Ariellah, and Cera Byer; improvisational world fusion by Wendy Marlatt; Turkish Roman by Elizabeth Strong; and Salimpour and Jamila format by Andrea Sendek.  As the director of her own ATS® troupe, Al-hambra Tribal Dance, Leigh Anne enjoys weaving stories into improvisational dance, echoing Martha Graham’s observation that “dance is the hidden language of the soul.” 


Rachel Lionheart: Physical Theater, Character Dojo, Improv


Rachel Lionheart is a performance artist and improv facilitator with a B.F.A in Theater from NYU. Her formal education is rooted in the work of Jerzy Grotowski, a physical based theater theorist and Viola Spolin, an improv instructor/director who advocated for shared authority and play for live theater to thrive. Rachel is an Astoria native who benefited greatly from the dance and theater community programs available to her as a child. It is a privilege and joy to share safe, inclusive, non-hierarchical, collaborative theater practices with a community that offered so much to her.

Contact: 253-227-8090

Kimberly Miguel Mullen: AfroCaribe Dance


Kimberly Miguel Mullen, M.A. is an internationally touring dance artist and cultural ethnologist who travels the world to create links among cultures through the expression of dance. The Los Angeles Times has described her movement as "spectacularly supple," owing to her natural beauty, grace and technical expression of sacred and secular cultural dance forms from the Caribbean, Cuba & Brazil. Among her many achievements over the course of her 20+ year professional dance career, she is a University Dance Professor, a solo performance artist, an internationally acclaimed award winning Dance DVD artist, Retreat facilitator, and Co-Founder of Tambor Y Danza Cuba, a cultural arts Drum & Dance Immersion Program across Cuba. She offers spirited AfroCaribe & AfroBrazilian dance classes, workshops, residencies, retreats and cultural arts immersion programs worldwide. 

Contact: 310-804-3404